yoocan - Jake Webber - Greatest teacher without words: Smiles For Jake

Greatest teacher without words: Smiles For Jake

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Jake Webber

Smiles For Jake

4-year-old Jake is non-mobile and nonverbal, however, he has been the greatest teacher to those that know him. Anyone who knows Jake knows him for his trademark smile and heart-melting giggle. He is the younger brother to Sienna, 6, and their bond is truly magical. Jake is unable to walk or talk yet, but those that come in contact with him always walk away with a lesson and a full heart. The infectiousness of Jake's laugh, the cheeky glint in his eye, and his unbridled enthusiasm for people endears all. He has taught so many around him, in his community, his family and his friendships, how to live life with pure, simple happiness, despite challenges. He has been my greatest teacher, as a mother and his ability to exude gratitude is both humbling and inspiring. Jake teaches everyone, that you don't need words and full movement, to enjoy life to it's fullest, and that lesson is priceless.

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