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Jermaine Greaves Living Life Freely

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Jermaine Greaves

Dance For Life Jermaine Greaves

I (@jermainegreaves) am originally from Georgetown, Guyana and migrated to New York City when I was 9 years old. Dancing makes me happy   I was raised by my mother who taught me confidence and a strong sense of self.  She helped me trust the process of my life’s journey always. Cerebral Palsy is a superpower that has changed my life every day. To be unapologetic, it allows me to be anything I want to be and to trust the process of my own journey. She also encourages me to try different things, grow into myself, and see the world differently. This is why I'm so confident. My passion for the arts happened when I was growing up with my mother who took me to various cultural events, such as Broadway plays and museums both in and out of town.

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