yoocan - EDWIN MUNOZ - A “Dive” into Paralysis
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A “Dive” into Paralysis

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Edwin Munoz: My Story

I (@edwin8munoz) woke up on a familiar dock in September 2018 around 3 a.m. confused, scared, and in pain. I will never forget the taste of lake water I struggled to cough up as heavy rain poured on my face. The same dock I dove of for years will be the last thing I ever dive off of. I walked up to the edge and lunged out expecting to feel the smoothness of the still water. Instead, I was greeted with a rock to my head instantly paralyzing me from the chest down. I broke my cervical spine at the C5-C7 and suffered a spinal cord injury leaving me completely paralyzed. Keeping complete consciousness, I slowly floated to the bottom of the lake patiently waiting and hoping someone would find me. They did, minutes too late. I spent about four months in the hospital wondering why me. I have learned to face my truth and decided to move forward and do whatever it takes to get my life back. Hard work and dedication has paid off as my body is slowly being returned to me. I can now stand on my own and hope to one day begin taking steps. I've shared my story with many and plan to keep encouraging people to continue to battle for their independence. I don’t have 100% back, but I will use 100% of what I have to be the best person I can be physically and mentally! Here’s to many years of continued progress and happiness!

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