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Yes, We can!

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Maedeh Tavakoli

I will succeed

After my surgery, the pain didn't stop. I became stronger and fought hard so I could live. Doctors said the reason for the pain was that my hands and nerves were under pressure. He initially recommended that I undergo surgery, but warned that if I did the surgery my hand would lose half its abilities. Some people believe that we were born to inspire others, but I believe all humans were born to inspire and to help make each other happy. So, I look at my recovery in another way. I've had good days, travels, birthdays, parties, visits with my friends and people I love. Those experiences made me happy and love life. I'm going to travel more around my country, visit my city, experience the problems and lack of facilities and transportations, and tell others what they can do to make our cities comfortable for people with disabilities. I want to show people to love and accept themselves. They should be whoever they want to be, even if others say it's not possible.

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