yoocan - David Solano - The first real battle in my life. The fight for inclusion
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The first real battle in my life. The fight for inclusion

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David Solano

My fight for inclusion started at the age of 5

I went to many therapists as a kid, I went toa disabilty center to work on making me an independent person.  It was all going so well.  My progress was improving every day almost after each therapy session.  My mom said I was ready to attend public school. The therapists said I was ready to attend, the disabilty center said I was ready.  However The public school said I wasn't ready. Watch the video to find out the details that led to me being allowed into my neighborhood school 3 years ater I first signed up.  It still amazes me to think in 1980 I wasn't allowed to attend my neighborhood public school. In 1998 I was given the keys to a classroom as a public school teacher.

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