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The Adventures of KatGirl and Pete the Private Eye

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Kat Magnoli

Read Your Way Into An Inclusive Adventure

With the holiday season coming to a close, I'm sure many of you are tired of hearing the clickety-clack of buttons from video games and other various technological distractions that were on your child's list of presents they wanted. Well, the solution is simply to get them reading again and not from a kindle but an actual book! These books entitled The Adventures of KatGirl series will not only educate your child on accepting those whom are physically different but keep them entertained for hours with fun-filled adventures brought to them by a superhero in a wheelchair who helps kids who are being bullied. These books can be found at katgirlandfriends.com for the low price of 4.50 and you can get an autograph from the author Katherine Magnoli who will personalize a message for the child of your choice. Now, if that's not enough and you have a child who's a little older and you are looking for a little longer of a read then make sure you pick up Pete the Private Eye, a collection of short stories mysteries solved by a boy who is legally blind and uses his magical cane and the language of Braille to find missing objects. This fun and at times humorous mysteries will keep your reader guessing what is really going on until the end of the book. If interested go to katgirlandfriends.com to purchase your very own AUTOGRAPHED copy for the low price of 6.50!

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