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Danyelle & Sully's Stories

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AmpLife TimesTwo

The Beginning

Here is our story...
In 2011 we met through rearrangements of carpooling to what became our favorite place to be; an amputee camp called Camp Star. A camp where all amputees are welcomed young and old. Throughout the years we became way more than best friends, we became family...


Sully is a 20-year-old, who is a bilateral amputee. Sully was born with a rare disorder called BPS also knows as Bartsocas Papas Syndrom which is a very fatal disease. This disorder is very hard to explain and very few to none live past their childhood years. Sully has undergone MULTIPLE surgeries to his face mainly his jaw throughout their life. He is one in a million. Sully is the most loving person anyone could possibly meet, he always welcomes one with open arms. He is a diva queen that nothing nor no-one can stop.


Danyelle is a 22-year-old, who has an above the knee amputee on her left side. She was born with a rare disorder called PFFD/CFD also known as Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency or Congenital Femoral Deficiency. This effects the pelvis, proximal femur, and hip bone. Danyelle has stage "D" which is the most severe case. Danyelle has undergone 2 major surgeries in her life; the initial amputation of her leg and bone fusion. Danyelle is a sassy character, who struggles to embrace who she is sometimes, but she is looked at as a strong individual who never backs down from a challenge.


In the summer of 2019, after Danyelle was thinking of creating a Youtube channel for years, we decided to start one TOGETHER, creating AmpLifeTimesTwo. A channel that not only fellow amputees but everyone can watch, as we take on two different lives but together.  We both have gone through some tragic events that have only made us both stronger and we are excited to share our struggles, milestones, lives, emotions, happiness, and sadness with the world!

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