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One Hand, No Problem

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ג'סיקה לווין

Skating with one hand

My name is Josh and I am nine years old. I was born without my left hand. The doctors said while developing my brain stopped sending signals for my hand to continue growing. I have wrist movement which is awesome and I have a small palm. When I was 8 a new skatepark opened by my house and I have been in love with skating ever since. I have played soccer, basketball and did martial arts, but once skateboarding found me, I found my passion, it’s all I want to do. I skate every day for hours. When I am skating I am just like anyone else, just a kid who loves to shred. I am blessed to have an incredible skate community, they are like my second family, always encouraging me pushing me to excel. My dream is to go to the adaptive X games one day. I hope I can show other kids with differences that you have no limits! If you work hard and practice and never quit, you can do anything. You are uniquely and wonderfully made and you have a purpose.


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