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A Persons Gotta Eat!

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Mekenzi McMillan

Cooking in a Wheelchair?

Yup, you read that right! I cook, AND I'm in a wheelchair. (Not just that I have limited use of my left hand) It never ceases to amaze people. At first, I found it funny, for me its daily life and something I thoroughly enjoy. How did I fall in love with cooking? I think it has something to do with my grandma. She was a cook in the same historical restaurant for almost 50 years. I always remember being at my grandmother's house, the house always filled with the smells of the best comfort foods. As kids we were expected to help cook in any way possible: the youngest kids would peel the corn and potatoes, the slightly older ones would chop the veggies, so on and so forth. I remember the day I graduated to potato chopper and was allowed a knife, I was so proud and my younger cousins were a bit jealous. As time went on I started helping more and more, I even got into a baking competition with my grandma one year. I've started cataloging our family recipes and still call her every now and again when I cant seem to get it JUST right. It's how she and I connect the most. Now as I said I found it funny at first, that people were amazed at the fact I cook. Then I realized it's not something that's often seen. Others cook and clean and all sorts of things, what amazes ME is its seen as extraordinary by others. So I tried something on Instagram, I started making more posts AND videos of me cooking and how I cook. And I'm happy to see that over the past year, more people are starting to post their kitchen adventures as well!

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