yoocan - Lindsay Armstrong - My autism diagnosis isn't the end. It's the beginning !

My autism diagnosis isn't the end. It's the beginning !

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Lindsay Armstrong

My Name is Mason

I am two and a half years old and I've been diagnosed with autism for a little over a year now. I'm really not all that different from other children my age. I love to swing, play outside, and get tickles from my mom and dad. But sometimes I struggle to engage with others and often look like I'm lost within my own unique world, and sometimes I am. My world might be strange to some, but to me, it's spectacular. 

I appreciate the subtly of life and the small intricate details my mom says so many people miss. I like my world and I like that my parents fight for my right to see it the way I do.

I think what I want others to know is that my autism diagnosis isn't the end of anything. I'm still the same child I've always been. Rather, my diagnosis was an invitation to my friends and family to join me where I'm at. To understand, embrace, and appreciate the lens I look through instead of forcing me to look through theirs.

My autism doesn't make me less than. I am worthy, loved, and valued beyond comprehension. Thank you for taking the time to peek into my world. Isn't it beautiful?

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