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Yoocan Fly Yoocan Sail Yoocan Ride with Erez

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יואב גאון

It’s a Bird... It’s a Plane... It’s a Speed Boat ...It’s a racing bike .... It’s Erez Gaon ;-)

Hi, it’s Yoav Erez’s father here, thank you for following us on Yoocan and showcasing your amazing stories. It’s been a very BIG week for Erez, celebrating Purim (Jewish Holloween), which started with Sea Heart foundation that has taken Erez to sail in the port of Hertzelia (north of Tel Aviv). Erez’s escort Daniel, ex Israel Naval Commando has decided to become Erez with his amazing Doty’s and Erez has become him with a full diving suit :-) it was a great event, there’s nothing like the open Sea!

Then we had the annual costume parade organized at Beit Issie Shapiro in cooperation with the HIT designers college that has created an amazing plane around Erez’s electric wheelchair.  Erez dressed as Israels El-Al airways and had been awarded an original Captain's cap and pilot Wings!

If you think this is where it stops let me tell you Extreme is this kid's middle name going for a cross motorcycle tour, including a “Willi!” And if that is not enough Airborning with a parachute engine!

So as you can see nothing is impossible, just make your loved ones experience, enjoy and have fun!!!   A big hug from all of us and especially Erez yoocandoanything!   The Gaon’s

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