yoocan - Tylia Flores - How Writing helps me Stomp on Cerebral palsy

How Writing helps me Stomp on Cerebral palsy

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Tylia Flores

The Journey to finding my passion with Cerebral Palsy

Growing up with Cerebral palsy, I was involved in many activities such as Drama club and sports.

But truth be told although I was a very sociable child and never allowed my Cerebral palsy to affect my abilities to achieve my goals at the time I didn't feel as passionate about Theather or basketball or softball mainly because doing those things remind of things I couldn't do as someone in a wheelchair. 

Like for example, when I was a part of the special-needs softball team it would be a constant reminder me that I will never be able to cross home plate without using my wheels I will never know the feeling of going in the dirt after hitting a home run and getting my jersey dirty. 

And when I was in basketball during the summertime I will get the same emotion as someone would have to shoot the ball in the basket for me. 

To be completely honest, It would make me feel more trapped in my body than I already was and secretly after every sporting event I would secretly cry since I felt more trapped in my body.  When it came to Drama Club I didn't like the idea of acting as someone different from who I was and acting as someone else lower my confidence to allow my self to be okay with the body I had. 
It wasn't until my friend Daniel who had Cerebral Palsy passed away when I was able to find my passion for writing which allowed me to publish my first book at 16.

How writing became my way of Advocating

Once I opened up my pages document and started to type hearing the sounds of my keyboard as I write my stories based on my disability frees me from the lack of mobility that causes pain throughout the whole entire left side of my body.

Writing takes me to a whole different place that I can't describe with each story I write is a piece of me and my life.    

Writing has also improved my self-confidence to be who I am as a Person vs being a young lady who hides in her shell because of society.

Thanks to writing,  I've been able to advocate for Cerebral palsy Awareness, through my writing without being afraid of judgment from others and I'm doing what I love the most.

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