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I lost a limb not my life

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Ben Lovell

My story about becoming an amputee and not letting it hold me back

Hi, my name is Ben, In November 2017 I had an amputation due to an undiagnosed blood clot in my knee. After 12 months I needed another bypass operation on my stump and to save my good leg. After 12 months that I was told I was completely blocked to my stump. During this time I’ve battled depression and anxiety, suicide attempts, drugs, drink, basically anything to keep my mind off what happened to me.

Today I use the gym 6 times a week, I run the only trainer company in the world that sells single shoes to amputees, I spend 6-8 hours a day on my phone connecting with amputees who want or need help. Every day I battle with myself and the thoughts in my head but I get through and manage to live a good life. 
I want to share my story with others, I want them to know that it's possible, they can do it too.

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