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Spina Bifida Won't Stop Us

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Hannah McPerry

Nehem's Story

At 20 weeks pregnant, we were given the news that our son, Nehemiah (we call him Nehem), had Spina Bifida. Before we were given a full explanation of his diagnosis, we were offered an abortion. That was never an option in our eyes, so we made our way to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, TN. Here, we met Nehem's team of experts in Spina Bifida. We decided that Nehem would be born at Vanderbilt, where he would be given the best care possible. Nehem was born July 27, 2017, and has been overcoming obstacles since. He underwent 3 major surgeries before he was a month old. Nehem has very little feeling from the hips down, but that doesn't stop him from doing all of the things. He army crawls, uses HKAFO's to stand, and uses his wheelchair to get into mischief! Nehem is the most amazing kid and overcomes obstacles every single day...but that doesn't stop him from being the happiest kid ever! Our hopes and prayers are that people will see our story and see that a life with Spina Bifida isn't sad and terrible, but rewarding and empowering!

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