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Stronger Than Ever

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Anna Sarol

Anna Sarol

Hello all, my name is Anna Sarol and I'm 19 years old.
Back in 2015, I got injured in gymnastics leaving me paralyzed from the waist down. When I went through this drastic change where I was forced to adapt to a completely new way of living, I learned lessons most people will never endure. Despite this, I continued to search for positivity instead of being blinded by the negative sides.

I was told that I had a ninety percent chance of never walking again, and instead of letting that percent control my life, I altered my way of thinking and focused on the ten percent chance that I could. I want to leave an impact by spreading optimism. I do this for individuals with disabilities who have fear in advocating for themselves and letting their disability define what they can do in this world. Since my injury, I’ve been able to drive independently with hand controls, obtain jobs working with kids, co-found a non-profit charity, travel to a third world country to provide aid, and so much more! I plan to travel the world, using my voice and story to become an advocate and an inspirational speaker.

This is only a small section of my story, but I do have personal blogs on my Instagram, @AnnaSarol, and my Facebook page, Pray For AnnaBoo, where I share my life lessons and I talk more about traveling with a chair, accessibility, adaptive sports, and the speaking engagements I do!

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