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Enbrace your situation and you will love yourself even more

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Vinicius Viviani

The first step to overcome a situation is to know where you are and what took you there

Hi, my name is Vinicius and I am from Brazil. In 2002 I was diagnosed with bone cancer on my left knee and after 5 years, after some complications and a lot of surgeries, I decided to amputate my leg.
During the chemotherapy treatment, I had no health complications, but I lost faith that I would win the battle against cancer.

At that time I was a teenager, basketball player, and my dream was to play professionally. But I had to change my plans when the doctor said: "Vinicius, you won't be able to play like a pro for the rest of your life. You will only be able to play for fun. You will need surgery and you will need at least one year, to get back to your regular activities." That speech broke all my expectations and my teenage dream of becoming a professional player. At that age, 14 years old, my entire life revolved around playing basketball.

I had to face the consequences of the treatment, but nothing was more painful than my social isolation. The affected cells reduced to zero, but so did my belief in myself. For almost 5 years I had to walk with crutches, battled depression and anxiety, suicide thoughts, got addicted to morphine, only so I could sleep. I did everything possible to keep my mind off the problem.
At the end of that 5th year, in 2006, I decided to amputate my leg. The decision was so difficult for me, but I could not see any other option. So I did it. The day I left the hospital I felt lighter.

Today,  I am a graduate, a professional psychoanalyst. I discovered the meaning behind going through tough situations. The bad things in our lives come to teach us, we learn how to live a full life, no matter the situation. This is my purpose today, to help people to look into their souls and find the answer to their most difficult questions.

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