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I wish I was a Yoga teacher

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Ghazale Mir

I am an engineer and I want to become a yoga teacher as well :)

My name Ghazale and I had the chance to go beyond limits due to the uncommon condition in which I was born. Being born with one hand, I experienced a more challenging but still aspiring life than what others usually would go through.
However, up until now, I have managed to take significant steps toward not only self-development but also development in my social, professional and academic life. I am a Ph.D. student at Polytechnique de Montreal. However, I have a great dream of becoming a yoga teacher. I love practicing yoga very much! I wanted to share my story with everyone out there following their dreams and not letting anything stop them. 
If you would like to support me, this is the link to my gofund me page: https://bit.ly/3bxSiGr

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