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Greg Bilbo

I decided I could sit back and do nothing or I can push on and do everything

Way back in December 2003 I was snowboarding like I did almost every day in the winter. I went off a jump I had not gone off yet since that was the first day it was built. I crashed so hard and was just laying there and felt really weird. When my friend came to check on me to see if I was ok, we realized I couldn't feel my legs. I was able to remain calm through it all and crazy enough I never lost consciousness in the wreck. Ski patrol was quickly called and I was lifted off the mountain to the hospital where I had surgery to screw my spine together. I found out a few days later I would never walk again. I only stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks before going home. I decided I could sit back and do nothing or I can push on and do everything. The journey just got harder after going home trying to find out how to live life all over again with limited mobility. Since then I have started mono skiing and biking both mountain and road. I have started a new journey of finding the ways to do all the activities that everyone else does and not letting a wheelchair hold me back. I am married and have been for just over 3 years. We are now trying to start our own family.

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