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Campomelic dysplasia

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Marvin Van der Nat

My diagnosis

My name is Marvin (@the_handicapable). I am 28 years old. When I was born I immediately became blue. Luckily, the doctors ventilated me on time and I am still alive today. I had and have very weak lungs. Over the years my spine curved dangerously which led to a spinal cord injury. The doctors thought I would never surpass childhood. These conditions and some of my other conditions were unexplainable at the time. It was tough growing up not knowing what I had. Years later, when I was 24, I found out that I have Campomelic Dysplasia. This is incurable.

My daily life

I haven't known a different life, one without this condition. I don't miss walking, because I never have been able to walk. I had a quite normal childhood and I have a normal life. I went to school and I graduated, I play my favorite sports powerchair hockey, I have work, I drive my own car, I am in the local politics, and I do a lot of other activities too. I live together with my two sweet cats and a great girlfriend. I am very happy that I am still here today!

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