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Anxiety was the real disability

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Abby Mccage

This is my story

My name is Abby Mccage and this is my story of coming to the realization that living with muscular dystrophy wasn’t actually my disability, but instead, It was the mindset I was stuck in and the inability to have faith that I was made with a purpose even if I wasn’t normal or what the world would classify as worthy or good enough.

An uneasy feeling

From a very young age, I have struggled with anxiety. There’s no worse feeling than that of feeling stuck in a place where you feel like you can’t breathe or when you feel as though you are drowning but instead of water, it’s thoughts. Thoughts of unworthiness. Thoughts of feeling as though you’ll never measure up. Thoughts of having no purpose. Thoughts of constantly caring what people think of you. Living with a disability began to take more and more of a toll on my mental health than it ever did my physical.
I realized that in my life I need to focus on myself and love myself. I need to accept things and learn how to care for me, to be a warrior for myself. 

I want to share my story for everyone out there crippled by anxiety, you are not alone.

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