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Francesca's journey on route T21

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Michelle Rausi

Francesca's Story

When Francesca was born we got to know that she had Down Syndrome, at first it was a shock but after 24 hours we had accepted the situation. Since then we started working to help Francesca reach her goals and to raise awareness about Down Syndrome.

Today Francesca is 4 years old, she is a determined and independent child, nothing will stop her. Her passion is photoshoots and modeling. Francesca was the first child in Malta to participate in a fashion show competition and she came in first. Since then she has taken part in other fashion shows and won several titles.

She also models for international brands such as Monsoon, MUY Original Marines, Pierre Cardin, etc... 

Francesca goes to school with typical children and academically she is doing very well. She also likes to participate and integrates well with other children in other activities such as sports, singing, drama, and crafts.

We see Francesca like any other child and treat her like any other child as we believe this will help her in the future. We learned there is nothing down about Down syndrome, on the contrary our beautiful girl is a blessing. 

We are so proud of our Francesca!

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