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Accessible Adventurers


Hey everyone! It's great to meet you! Welcome to our first story 😊 We thought we'd tell you a little bit about us and our interabled relationship.......

Kevin became a C4 complete quadriplegic in 1991 after a bicycle accident. 28 years later, he is a very active guy who is always up for an adventure. Dee is a sailor and in 2013, we met through adapted sailing. A year and a half later, we started dating and haven't looked back since. Over the next five years, we have shared many adventures together. Dee quickly learned about the challenges facing persons with disabilities and the misconceptions that come along with dating someone with a disability.

Over a year ago we started an Instagram page called Accessible Adventurers (@accessibleadventurers). It was a fun way to connect with others from across the globe who are passionate about accessible travel and disability rights. We use the page to show some of our experiences- both positive and negative in the hopes of raising awareness and giving hope for accessible travel.

After gaining over 1000 followers on Instagram we decided to take our adventures to the next level and begin vlogging our adventures, both local and abroad. This became the start of our Accessible Adventurers YouTube Channel! The goal of our channel is to provide more details of our adventures and show the ins and outs of our traveling and everyday experiences as an interabled couple.

We hope that you will check out our Youtube Channel and please subscribe and share so you can continue following our adventures. Watch our Q & A video so that you can find out more about us...

Stay safe everyone 👍
- Kevin and Dee

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