yoocan - Sylwia Błach - LOVE YOURSELF - bodypositive campaign from Poland!

LOVE YOURSELF - bodypositive campaign from Poland!

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Sylwia Błach

Love yourself!

As the world circulates information about the "plus-size" model employed by Victoria Secret and wearing size 36/38, a group of women decided to show the true power of diversity. Three models: two plus size and one with physical disability took part in a bold underwear session. And all this to remind you that diversity is beautiful!

So many women have a problem with self-acceptance. We are everywhere attacked by the image of how we should live, look, work, and rest. In the world created by mass media, there is no place for otherness or imperfection. And yet every woman is unique - slim, fatter, shorter, taller, able-bodied, with disabilities, redhead, blonde and freckled. There is no universal ideal because beauty is in each of us.

Actions promoting "body-positive" or "body-positivity" focus on showing diverse women. Their goal is not to promote obesity, as some misinterpret, but to show that every woman can feel good in her body. The models who took part in the project accept themselves, and the love of their own body leads to healthy habits: proper nutrition, regular visits to the doctor, care for the body and soul. Bodypositive is a great move against all symptoms of "body shaming" or embarrassment because of the body. The goal of the movement is to encourage women to love themselves and, as a result, to take care of themselves. Just as we care for loved ones whom we love, it is worth thinking about ourselves with love and tenderness.

Many women have a problem with looking in the mirror and saying two simple words: I love you. To your reflection. This is an exercise that each of us should practice every evening. Because being good to ourselves, we also become better for the world. Love returns, and self-acceptance is the key to a happy life. The session promoting body-positive took place in Poznań. Everyone took part in it for charity. Were it not for the well-coordinated team of women who decided to do something to change this world - the project would not have come to fruition.

The session involved:

My name is Sylwia Błach (https://www.facebook.com/blach.sylwia/), and I have muscular dystrophy I was happy to model with Gracjanna Błaszczyk(https://www.facebook.com/curvymodelGracja/), Super Size XL Plus-Size Model and Plus Size model Paula Perez (https://www.facebook.com/Plus-Size-by-Paula-Perez-701311876585917/). 

Organizational and styling support: Małgorzata Sikorska Dress no Stress (https://www.facebook.com/dressnostresspl/)

Photographer: Emilia Staszków (https://www.facebook.com/emilia.staszkow)

Underwear and jewelry: LovelyYou store from Poznań (https://www.facebook.com/lovelyyoupl/),

Fascinators: Ewa Okularczyk (https://www.facebook.com/fascynatorypl/)

Location: Bezowa Beza meringue in Poznań (https://www.facebook.com/cukierniabezowa/),

Makeup: Beata Błachowiak (https://www.facebook.com/BeataBmakeup/)

Hairstyles: Agnieszka Marciniak-Kalinowska (https://www.facebook.com/StudioFryzjerskie.AgnieszkaKalinowska/)

The session was held under the patronage of Sukces po poznańsku magazine.

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