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The Power of the word, Yet!

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David Solano

The Word Yet

The word yet, such a simple word, one syllable three letters but the power it can give your mind is immeasurable. There were so many things I wanted to do in life that seemed simple to many but came across as a hurdle to me. I would get discouraged and scream I can’t do it, I would get down on myself and look for pity. My parents and my sister would help me and encourage my efforts on the easiest of tasks. They would say you can’t do it now but in time you’ll be able to do it. Your muscles aren’t ready yet, but they will be, you’re skills are improving but they’re not at the highest level yet.

Yet, Yet, Yet

Yet, Yet, I had to learn to embrace that word. That word helped me attack many different obstacles in my life that many people take for granted, Opening a bag of chips, opening a can of soda. Brushing my teeth by myself, shaving by myself, putting on my own shirt, doing the laundry by myself, even driving a car. These were all important things I couldn’t do on the first try, things I wanted to do so bad but struggled with, I hated sitting in a crowded lunchroom and not being able to open my bag of chips, If I was by myself I would just drink out of a water fountain. I would try these things every day, well except the driving and shaving ones until I was older. But that word yet was always there for me.

Where will the power of Yet lead you.

I wasn’t allowed to use the word can’t, but if I followed it up with the word yet, it all of a sudden sounded better and was allowed. I can’t open my bag of chips. No,  I can’t open my bag of chips yet, Yes, so much better. It helped my mindset, it helped my growth. In life, we always come across bumps in the road. Many of these bumps can stop a person dead in the tracks. As a teacher, I always hear I just don’t understand this. I always have to set the tone and add it yet. You don’t understand this yet. As a coach of young middle school kids, I see a lot of talented athletic kids come out and play, but their skills aren’t ready to be big contributors yet. I get mad parents but I always say he’s good enough to be on the team now but to be a big player in the game he’s just not there yet. He’s learning and improving daily. He’ll be there soon with hard work and perseverance but he’s not there yet. I like to tell this to young players and I can tan tell you to try this at home. If you’re working on a goal of any kind or a project for work make a list of things you need to accomplish to reach that goal. Call it your yet list, As you start working and achieve the different yets on your list circle them and write Now over them. As you complete your yet’s your list your goal or project will be accomplished. But believe in the power of yet. It has taken me places I never thought I would go. Where will the power of yet lead you?

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