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The Story Behind TheQueenofAmbition

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Jay The Queen

The Start

I grew a passion for being an advocate for the disabled community through my visions and stigmas that exist in public for those with disabilities I knew that I wanted to be something more than the stories that appealed to others because of pain and sickness. I wanted to be the disabled person that appeals to those because of my ambition and drive to Defeat the odds.

As I continued

As I continued to find my niche and where I wanted to advocate for the disabled community, I knew that I wanted to give back in a way that I could help others. I wanted to show the disabled community that just like there are successful abled-bodied individuals, there are also successful disabled people that exist, and I will show you.

Success in the works

I then began brainstorming all of my passion. I knew that I had a passion for designing, writing, and advocating, but writing is the one that gave me the green light. I have been writing since 6 grade I filled up about three journals by the time I hit third grade. I knew this was it, so November 17th of 2019, I started my writing service, and now I help people all over the world with their writing needs. All Over the world! I feel blessed and happy I got to use my gift and it brought success.

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