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Life after surviving a brain tumour & a stroke

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Not letting my disability slow me down

Please check out this link to my youtube video of my life story. It has had a great response from many people saying it has inspired & motivated them, I hope that it can inspire & motivate others even further.

I decided to start running and training, not letting my disability slow me down or limit me. At first, I was very behind, but I started getting fitter and fitter and stronger and stronger. I really started enjoying it. I enjoyed the feeling of being stronger and fitter and faster. 
Eventually, I started training twice a day and went to my first athletics competition in Blackpool. I ended up becoming an international para-athlete. I actually won 2 gold medals and this opened up a whole new world for me. The world of para-athletics, where everyone was in the same boat as me. Everyone went through hard times and learned how to overcome them.  
It was great everyone was supporting each other.

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