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Ricardo Monis

Since humans naturally have legs for movement, it is understandable to see people viewing the use of a wheelchair as a sad thing. Undoubtedly, using a wheelchair can be challenging. However, like most things in life, you can take some positive things from it. Aside from making movement easier for us, below are seven interesting reasons to give a wheelchair a positive view. Enjoy reading!

Handicapped Parking

Truly, a few more wheelchair parking spots would be appreciated. However, personally, I love the fact that we have our own space with less competition – not many could take my parking spot, unlike a regular car space. Please, be a good citizen and don’t take our parking space; it is reserved for top citizens like us – okay, maybe the seniors are ok to take it as well 😂😅

Free from Car stress

Rather than having to control gears, clutches, and brakes, come’ on, my easy-to-control, yet effective “ride” would suffice any day. A wheelchair is a great 24/7 “Chauffeur” for people like me without enough strength to ride a vehicle. Besides, it is a good way to avoid traffic stress. Also, you can easily take a good nap as a regular passenger.

Avoid tiredness

As discussed earlier, using a wheelchair saves me from a lot of stress, most especially the bustle and hustle of traffic stress. Thus, I never get to experience fatigue, which is a big win for me – I can’t imagine the daily stress, how do you cope, though? I’m joking 😂😅!

Beloved by the kids

Since wheelchair is not all that common like a regular car, most kids are often curious about my “ride” and always willing to learn about it. In this case, I’m always excited to show them the ins and outs of my ride. Honestly, it’s always cool stuff. Besides, I get to freak them out! Ahahahah 😂😅!!

My little payback device

Many friends and family members often forgive me for an unintended run over. But truth be told, it’s a handy device for a payback. Sometimes, you get to meet someone who is impolite. Rather than fighting with them – I prefer to save my “super-strength” 😂😅 – a run over would do.
Here is a good instance. During my 5th/6th grade, I would run people over to impress the girls – guess what, it never worked 😂😅. But then, don’t mess with me and my 300-pound electric wheelchair. Otherwise, it’s like facing dark Vader and his lightsaber!

Thankful for my comfortable chairs

While this benefit may be quite obvious, it is definitely worth noting. I don’t have to look around for a convenient spot to sit as my wheelchair is always a cozy abode to sit and relax all day. Really great, you know?

Never get to Queue

Here is another societal blessing due to my wheelchair. Although I might never request it, people often give me a chance to purchase without waiting in line. It doesn’t make me feel “less;” instead, it’s a plus.


Hopefully, you have learned some beneficial things about the wheelchair. Don’t be all sad using one; instead, look at the bright side and be happy about it.

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