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Life turned upside down.

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My 8 weeks old son..

My name is Christian, I'm 34 years old and I'm living in Norway with my fiance and our 2 kids.. 24th August 2019 I crashed on my road bike, and got Paralyzed in a really serious accident. I have always lived a very active life, and love to push the limit in every part of my life. About 8 weeks before the accident I got my beautiful son, the same day I put a ring on my (now) fiances finger. The accident cost me the option to walk, which was a tough thing to accept. But I have done a lot of mental training on my own, which I think has saved our future. My fiance and family are the biggest motivation for me, and together we will create a great life. Every day I wake up and try to do my best for my family.
Live your life..!

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