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My Journey After My Wake Up Call

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Yarelbys Tua

My life story

My name is Yarelbys Tua I am 23 years old. I was born and raised in Venezuela, until right before my nineteenth birthday that I moved to the US, Orlando, Florida.
I am a Fashion Beauty Blogger and positivity ambassador that believes there’s no such thing as the impossible. I love to share my lifestyle and use fashion to inspire people to embrace themselves the way they are. Beauty is for everyone and as a disabled woman my goal is to show the world, we are all capable and beautiful. When I was thirteen years old, I began to experience muscular pain in my back; I’ve always been artistic and at the time I danced Ballet so it seemed muscular related. However, it was later discovered to be a tumor and in fact osteosarcoma on my ribs. Fighting cancer at 13 was life-changing but regardless of the uncomfortable, sad, scary experiences, I kept a positive attitude and the universe rewarded me with life. I went through chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. After a few months of treatment, I was cancer-free.
Only 3 months after finishing my radiation treatment I started experiencing numbness on my feet, weakness, loss of balance, and sphincter control. I was told I had a spinal cord injury, transverse myelitis, and that I needed to do a lot of physical therapy to recover movement. It was a tough time to have one thing come after the other, especially because this time it wasn’t a life or death situation but rather learning to live with a condition.

Having a physical disability was emotionally harder for me. I had to stop dancing; the one thing that was keeping me sane through fighting cancer. I was not emotionally ready, but I knew I could not be sad anymore. I had to reinvent myself and keep going. Never in my wildest dreams, I would’ve imagined the rollercoaster that my journey has been. I was recently told what happened to me it’s called radiation myelopathy. I have gained and recovered a lot of movement, however, I have limited movement on my right leg. It took me a while to overcome the sadness and realize that I was capable of anything I set my mind to. One day I woke up worried that my teenage years were going to be over, I was never going to be able to experience high school again. So, I decided to stop being sad and choose to live my best life regardless. I am proud of my sixteen years old self for that decision that shaped me into the woman I am today. My life is not perfect but is a good one. I am grateful for every challenge I’ve come across, I have learned so many things that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I am not only alive but LIVING. My positivity muscle has never been so strong. I want to live the life of my dreams and it is possible. I have come so far, not only did I survive cancer, embraced my condition, moved to a different country I sustained myself at 19., but also pursued a career doing what I love, and I am sharing my story hoping I can inspire others and I am an advocated hoping to educate millions of people about ableism. My sixteen-year-old self-had no idea.

Especially because of the lack of representation, as a disabled young woman, I never imagined a career in this industry. I had my dreams, but I didn’t believe they were realistic because no one else was doing it. I wish I could go back and give myself a pat on the back because today I know it is possible and I hope to be the representation that young women need to believe that is doable. To know that they are not crazy for wanting to pursue their dreams. Nor are they alone. Keep fighting, keep believing. Keep educating yourself, speak up, and do not give up.

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