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Inclusive Exercise AT HOME!

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Brad Franklin

How we adapted our in-person exercise program to the COVID-19 pandemic!

Every Body Athletics is a small group exercise program designed for adults with disabilities in the greater Portland area. We promote positivity, inclusivity, and teamwork, which not only motivates physical wellbeing but also supports social wellbeing, too. At EBA, teammates (volunteers) workout alongside athletes (adults with disabilities) to inspire and assist circuit training style exercises. Each station has a conversation starter, which allows the partners to learn more about one another and grow in their social skills. 

My name is Brad Franklin, and I'm the Director of Every Body Athletics. EBA provides inclusive, small group exercise sessions for adults with developmental disabilities. 

Since the mandatory stay-at-home orders were set, EBA has worked hard to create a similar environment for athletes while they are at home. Though we cannot perfectly replicate an EBA session outside of our facility, we have made workout videos each week for athletes to follow along with. This allows athletes to stay active while at home and stay connected to our essential program. Additionally, we started weekly Zoom EBA sessions where both teammates and athletes can interact live with one another through video calling. This has helped not only further support athletes in their physical wellbeing but also works to maintain social wellbeing. 

At in-person EBA, we always end our sessions with “high fives all around” to celebrate our hard work. To adapt to the current situation, we now end our Zoom calls with waves to one another, as a way to sustain our togetherness. While this season of life may have added challenges, we know that we are always better together!


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