yoocan - Tarik Rever - The story of what drives me and what matters
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The story of what drives me and what matters

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Tarik Rever

My story

My name is Tarik Rêver and I am a civil rights activist, influencer, and model. I continue to protect the rights of women, children, civil rights, and LGBT communities. On June 18th 2020 I was listed as one of the top 20 influencers of 2020 by Afluencer

I used to dance for events, plays, and music videos but in 2015 I experienced a major health crisis after becoming differently-abled from Myasthenia Gravis. I decided to model even though I use a wheelchair. 
Recently on April 11, 2020, I became the main model and spokesperson for Social Bleu. It is an app designed to unite people in a peaceful atmosphere. Whether you are differently-abled like me, experiencing depression from social distancing, or in general want a new outlet for fun and communication social is the much needed alternative. Being their spokesperson is a dream come true.

Equal rights event for Casa Anandrea

The fundraiser was held at club Numbers for Casa Anandrea. The benefit, raise funds for the shelter that is designed to help Latina Transgender women. I organized the event and it managed to raise the funds needed, with the help of Melanie Valentine. The shelter was struggling to stay open so it was so important we helped as much as we could.

Hurricane Harvey relief for women and children

Partnering with My Petal Club, donations were provided to the Houston Area Women’s Center. I created an online campaign to help raise awareness and funds for women that were domestically abused during Hurricane Harvey. I also produced a video to add more of an understanding of just how urgent the situation was. My wife Liz Slusz Rever helped narrate the commercial.

Unify community resources through social media

In the month of December of 2019, I aligned efforts with Houston city officials to add a way to reach people to volunteer for the Volunteer Initiative Program. I realized there was still so much work needed from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. I united city officials with the reach of social media of influencers. This new method of outreach is becoming more frequent for programs like the Volunteer Initiative Program. During the stay at the home act, I teamed up with several influencers on the subject of how to maintain a positive attitude during the quarantine.

Award Nomination

June 26th, 2020 I was nominated for 7 awards by Wego Health. It was primarily for using social media to inform the public of Covid-19 prevention practices as well as being a public figure for the differently-abled.

Welcome to the world of Social Bleu

Once again Social Bleu is a new innovative app that provides a new environment for those that want a safe space. Whether you feel too isolated from social distancing, differently-abled, have anxiety, or depression we welcome you to build true connections. Embrace new friends, love, and life with Social Bleu. For iPhone and soon Android.
You can download the app here.

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