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Shahrminey Ramaish


I’m Shahrminey Ramaish,19, from Malaysia. Currently, I’m running a small online business. I'm so glad to share my story with y'all.❤️

I’m a sports enthusiast who used to participate in a lot of competitions. I am aware of the fact that when it comes to sports getting physically hurt is common. However, I experienced lower back pain at the age of 15 .Days passed, the pain didn’t stop there. It became worse as my legs started to experience numbness and weakness. I’ve had sleepless nights due to the sharp stabbing pain. I even had difficulty in sitting and walking for too long. I suffered from this pain for a year and a half  without knowing the actual cause of it. This made me miss my classes and fall behind with my studies. I was diagnosed with SPINAL CORD TUMOR " L1 - S1 " in July 2017. Surgery is a must to remove the tumor. On the 4th of January 2019, the tumor was removed yet I was informed by the doctors that it can't be removed completely. After the surgery, I experienced a loss of sensation, changes in the bladder, and discomfort in my abdomen which leads to bowel movements. I have to use a catheter to pass my urine. I followed some physiotherapy and step by step I started to walk slowly, trust me it's a painful recovery but I made it.

I gained some sensation and started to walk using crutches after 2 months. The tumor didn’t stop there as it started to grow again since it's a "myxopapillary ependymoma " type. I had to undergo a second surgery on the 7th of August 2019, this time the pain was unbearable but I still tried to manage it. Whatever I do, I definitely need someone’s help. This frustrates me. I started to hate everything. I missed the old me. There were no days when I didn't cry; cursing God why it’s me who has to suffer :( IT WAS THE WORST PHASE OF MY LIFE.

Nevertheless, I became grateful and regained the strength and hope for life, with the support of my family members and my friends. The way they took care of me and gave me reassurance made my hospital days some of the best days of my life.❤️

I didn’t leave it there, I continued my studies for 3 months and passed my public exam❤️ 2020, here I am now handling my pain with the aid of morphine. There was a recommendation for radiotherapy by the doctors ❤️ Hopefully I can walk soon and continue my higher education ❤️✨ It is okay to cry , but don't give up. Life has to move forward. Everything has its time and everything ends. Smile always, Spread love, and positive vibes around. Most importantly love yourself and be yourself. YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE SWEETHEARTS ❣️ *ps: thank you God for blessing me with good friends and family, WITHOUT THEM I'M NOTHING 💙✨


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