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Finding My Star.......

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Lily D Moore

Down Syndrome Actress, Model, You Tuber.......I Want it ALL!

Hi, I’m Lily.  I want to be the first Down Syndrome Actress to win an Oscar.  Don’t laugh, just read my story, and then I know you will support me on my journey.  

My family tells me I could always make people laugh and they were drawn to me. At the age of 6, I began taking drama in school and fell in love. Three years later, I began taking acting classes at a local theater. I wanted to act all the time. My mom then reached out to talent agencies.  After 20 rejections,  I finally got an interview and was asked to join one!  I was so happy and on my way.  Or, so I thought!!  I did get auditions, which are exciting, but I also got a lot of “No’s”.  But, that did not stop me. I kept taking classes and getting those auditions. Then, I finally began to get jobs. Some of them were: TJ Maxx, Sleepy Hollow, The Gifted, Teachers, and of course, Rebecca on Never Have I Ever! 

In between all of those roles, I have also been in commercials, short films, non-union films, print ads, and have modeled for a few unbelievable photographers.  I love it all! I have found my STAR! It is my passion, my love, my friend.    

When I am not acting, modeling, or making a YouTube video,  I do have a normal life! I enjoy swimming, horseback riding, cooking, cheerleading, traveling, music, playing games, and hanging out with my dog and two cats. I am also passionate about helping the homeless and started a ministry called “H.E.L.P.”, Helping Everyone with Love and Passion.   

Finally, I want to encourage everyone to Find your Star, whatever it may be. Because I believe that everyone is Unique, beautiful, and Brave.

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