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Rolling Stones

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Always remember YOU ARE

Imagine going out to celebrate your birthday and waking up in a hospital bed unable to move, breathe on your own and speak. Hi, I'm Josimar and it's a pleasure to share my story.

Stronger than you seem

It's somewhat questionable when people say that life can change in a second. I wasn't a believer in that phrase until I had a car accident that changed my life. From feeling the first trauma like an electric shock through the body, realizing there’s no movement, the ambulance ride, and unknown people trying to save my life.

Braver than you believe

My mother was a single mom for two children, she taught us values, she knew how to raise me but since my teen phase, I continued to make not good decisions. Mom had cancer and I got paralyzed. I wish I had the power to change so many things but I can only learn and stay strong.

Loved more than you know

My brother is my hero. He has played a huge role in my life. He's the same one that wanted to be a dentist and knocked out my tooth with his big toe. He's the same person who left everything behind and took care of me, my heart and mind. I'm more than blessed and grateful but words cannot really express it.

Smarter than you think...

I have a daily mental battle where I can think about all of the decisions I ever took in my whole life and regretting each of them even if they were good or bad. I have to make myself a better person, I want to help and inspire others.

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