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Turn your challenges into opportunities! | Spina Bifida Story

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A Little Miracle

Hi, my name is Isabella and I was born with spina bifida occulta with tethered spine syndrome, which meant that my spinal cord was attached to a fat lump instead of being loose inside my spine. At 3 months old I underwent dangerous, corrective surgery. It saved my life! But my problems were not over...

The Problem

My condition was progressive and after a few years, I started having problems with my bladder muscles. I needed to carry supplies such as wipes, catheters, spare underwear, and liners. It didn't take long before school friends started noticing.

The Challenge

But what could I do to make carrying these necessary supplies more discreet? There was nothing on the market to meet my needs so my Mom, Teresa helped me and we decided to find a solution. After testing several prototypes, I had an idea!

The Solution

My Private Pocket was my tried and tested solution to carrying emergency supplies and back up underwear in a way that the other kids wouldn't know, allowing me to enjoy life like other children.  

My family has made it their mission to make life better for many children with medical needs and incontinence problems. Launching My Private Pocket products such as wipes, toilet seat covers, and stylish underwear that's just as fun and colorful as regular fashionable kid's underwear. Learn more about the story behind My Private Pocket

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