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Happy Birthday Erez, From BlazPod!!!

חסר תרגום בשפה עברית. מוצגת שפה אנגלית
פגיעה בחוט השדרה

יואב גאון

Celebrating Erez's 12 birthday with surprises from wonderful friends!

What a party it was, celebrating Erez's 12 year birthday, Super designed character cakes and a zoom party with school friends. 
We had a surprise gift coming from our dear friends at Blaze Pod, the fitness & rehabilitation experts, giving Erez a Blaze Pod set to strengthen his arms, expand his movement scope, and working on his natural responses combining eye, function, and movement.

Blaze Pod - Fitness, Rehabilitation, Inclusion & Fun

Erez had crazy fun, the Pods are connected to the BlazePod mobile app with zillions of drills for all sports and rehabilitation needs, more the less they can be tailored made to suit a specific training program. 

Never mind if you are young, or a senior it's easy, playful, and most importantly competitive. 

It also helps bring kids and people together in an inclusive happy way. 

Thanks, Yaron and Blazepod team for making our day special the games are endless and Erez's smile is priceless. 

Anyone who wants to enjoy this amazing product press this link they ship directly to consumers globally.

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