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Lice Combot - Lice removal & Lice Picking Made Easy!

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Erez has done it again!

So you know that Erez was the trigger for yoocan right? so Lice Combot is another innovation coming from Erez's special needs and like NASA it is beneficial for all of Humanity, parents, and kids out there! 


Help us share Erez's Lice Combot Comb, with all the world!!!

The Story of how Lice Combot was born

Erez, our youngest son was born with a rare disease and complex disability which is also projected on his skin and inner neurological system through multiple nevi moles, satellites, and lesions. As the external big moles are also on his scalp and are hidden between his hair it was very hard to clear lice and nits from his head. Like every boy at his age, although being special in his way, the lice and nits outbreaks in kindergarten, preschool, and mid-school didn’t pass on him and he was infested with lice and nits. 

The lice picking and treatment just took too much time. Those who have Special Kids know that getting your son or daughter sit for an hour while you pull their hair is a nightmare. Even if the cause is to get rid of lice.

There was this one-time, when l sat with Erez, his hair rinsed for treatment, and five combs ready to use on a paper towel. Recognizing Erez unease, I started combing with one comb after another not waiting to see what was coming out of his hair. My husband came in and asked me why are you using so many combs? I told him that taking the lice & nits out of the comb teeth and clearing them in order to avoid re-infesting his hair takes too much time. This way was much faster and I didn’t need to take them out with my fingers after every brush stroke.  

That was when we decided we needed a solution. We needed a better lice & nits clearing comb,  that can make everything faster, easier, and more hygienic by not touching them with our bare fingers. Putting our minds together, we figured out how to wipe out the lice and nits from the comb with our revolutionary patented cleaning system and comb - and Lice Combot was born. 

Lice Combot was developed and designed by top product design, quality control, and product development professionals, and has earned the faith of parents around the world. It has gained the recognition and endorsement of buyers who have selected Combot as an award winner of the Buyer’s Choice Award in the ECRM show 2019 endorsed also by the Drug Store News magazine (DSN).  

Combot is kids friendly (it even looks like a robot!), Parent-friendly (has unique features for efficiency such as early detection, prevention, fast, super-efficient and Hygienic), Disability-friendly (easy 1 hand use) and environmentally friendly (can be used without pesticides and is recyclable). 

We wish you a great experience with Combot and we are proud to share with all of yoocan's community our simple message that innovation and creativity are always the best when they come from a real need, yoocandoanything!

Sincerely  yours Ruthi, Yoav & Erez Gaon

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