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Overcoming barriers

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Akii Ngo

Overcoming barriers

*Trigger warning: #domesticviolence*⁣ ⁣• • Hi, my name is Akii (@adventuress.akii) & I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I live with multiple complex chronic conditions. My life began quite traumatically when I was born with #necrotisingenterocolitisis, a rare life threatening gastrointestinal disease. I grew up in & out hospital, having surgeries, procedures and scans. I had my first spinal surgery at 16, a thymoma tumour removed a 19, have had bilateral wrist surgery & multiple spinal surgeries. Nowadays, I live with barriers & many challenges related to #EhlersDanlosSyndrome, #fibromyalgia, #migraines, & #chronic pain plus #vulvadynia, #interstitialcystitis, #MCAS, #POTS & #spinalstenosis.⁣

I work in #genderequality and in disability & #chronicillness advocacy as the Executive Director of @chronicpainaustralia. I am deeply passionate about people’s rights to live a fulfilling life despite challenges with their health. Fighting for gender equality & #violenceprevention is also very close to my heart due to my own personal experiences with domestic & intimate partner violence. Being hurt by one of my exes is the reason why I have a spinal injury & I deal with spinal + leg pain every day.⁣ Each day is a reminder of what he did to me and can be re-traumatizing.

Travelling & spending time with my rescue #sausagedogs @minidachieduo are my absolute favourite pastimes. Although travelling is super difficult with my chronic illnesses & #disability, I have serious #wanderlust & visited 35+ countries. I have goals to see as much as the world as possible & to show the world this is possible.⁣ I am also a model who is very passionate about the importance of diversity and representation.

While chronic illness & poor health has changed the trajectory of my life in more ways than I can count, I am so blessed to be in a loving long term relationship, in my dream job (a job I never thought I could ever achieve!) & despite not having family in my life (had to move out at 16) I still have amazing people in my life ❤️.⁣

I love connecting with like minded people, do follow me if my story resonates with you in anyway ☺️💕. • • • #spoonie #babewithamobilityaid #awarecauses #disabledandcute #bluehair

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