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Never Give Up 💪🏽

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ALaysiah Jackson

Life With Lay

I’m a 6-year old that proves people wrong daily! I have Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and other disability’s but with hard work and dedication, I’m able to be independent in many areas of life. I enjoy swimming, gymnastics, doing pageants, playing with my baby doll & big sister, baking, and writing. Though I sometimes forget things, I’ll still attempt to do it. There were times when my Doctors were skeptical about certain things I may or may not be able to do but I’m doing it or trying! Never feel like your disability define you or you’re not good enough because you can do whatever you put your mind to! Stay focused and just TRY!

Accomplished... 🙌🏽

As I said, I won’t give up! I enjoy doing pageants! I’m the 2020 Very Special Miss Louisiana Queen, 2019 Very Special Miss Runner Up, 2019 Special Miss Princess, I’ve won a Trolls Pageant, & I’ve won 2 Sunburst Pageant titles.

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