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Going From Paralyzed to Empowered

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Robert Paylor

My Story...

In one moment, I was on the best day of my life, competing for the collegiate rugby national championship. In the next moment, my life changed forever. I suffered a spinal cord injury in the first minutes of the game and found myself face down in the turf unable to move anything below my neck. My doctor told me I would never walk or move my hands for the rest of my life. Three and a half years later, I can now stand up into my walker and walk short distances, I am functioning independently and just graduated from UC Berkeley.

It feels crazy to say this, but this injury became a gift in my life. I have started a career as an inspirational speaker, and it has given me a purpose that I cherish deeply. My challenges are visible, but every person faces adversity in their lives. I hope that by sharing my story of living with paralysis, I can motivate others to live in gratitude and conquer their challenges, no matter how daunting they may seem. For more information, visit my website.

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