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Jamie Ganer

I am determined to not let my condition hinder my ability to succeed in life

Hi, I’m Jamie a 22 year old below knee amputee adaptive athlete from Basingstoke, Hampshire. I aspires to represent GB to achieve a gold medal in discus and javelin at the next 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Being born with chronic pain, I had to undergo a below knee amputation, however I am determined to not let my condition hinder my ability to succeed in life. My ambition is to be a role model to other young people who are in similar situations to me. I want to inspire them to believe that they can overcome challenges and see the opportunities open to them in both the world of work and sport. I challenge stereotypes which people associate with my impairment including completing Tough Mudder 2016, rock climbing, Judo and competitive powerlifting. My acceptance speech for my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award was an inspiration to two hundred people, and I intend to continue to engage people through events, social media and the BBC documentary.


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