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A life with Sports

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Helle Frylund

Introduction to the video

Jens turned completely blind at the age of 10. From one moment to the other, his life took a completely new direction: From living the ordinary life of a boy, who loved soccer, biking, and roller skating, Jens had to change directions into new and unknown areas, where, he says, nobody he knew could guide him along. He had to find his own way, and so he did!

Handi Life Sport

A paralympic champion, a supreme athlete, and an entrepreneur. He wanted to do something for the disabled community, to show these are not second rate citizens. He founded the Handi Life Sport and today he employes many disabled people, who might be regarded as special in other companies, but in Handi Life Sport they found a home. Jens lost his sight due to an accident and today he reminisces "In retrospect, I had a wonderful life, even as a blind person."

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