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A Helping Hand

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Kelsey Hartman

Celebrate All Body Types

“I feel so sorry for her.” Wrong. Don’t feel sorry for me. Know that I am strong, dedicated, and won’t let anything hold me back. I was born with a limb difference. Growing up, I was bullied and felt insecure. However, I learned to overcome my obstacles and to love myself for who I am.  Being different is beautiful. Society, however, doesn’t seem to agree. Society’s standards for the ideal body has changed multiple times throughout history. This pressure of having the ideal body is taking a toll on our health.  Celebrating all body types is important. Unfortunately, people with physical disabilities aren’t represented in the media very often. Growing up, I never saw anyone that was like me. I thought I was the only one. That is why I advocate for people who feel out of place. I decided to be a voice and share my story so others can feel confident within themselves.

I created a campaign called “BeYOUtiful.” As part of this campaign, I’ve been involved with local schools, spoke with the students about my story, and the importance of body positivity. I am an influential YouTuber that creates videos on educating others who are just like me! My videos have been promoted by the Luckyfin Project and we will partner to bring advocacy to those who need it most.   I am an ambassador for The Aerie Real company so I can represent people that have different body types and make a positive impact in the country.   I am different and I am not afraid to speak up. That is why I will leave a legacy in society.


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