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How I needed up not walking anymore

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John Pelaez

The story of how I can’t walk anymore

Crash! I was actually at the gym in Westchase and I was riding home with my crazy girlfriend driving behind me since my bike was only made for one person. Ok, this is how it happened, a guy looks once, pulls to the median and as he was going to pull to the median I ended up t-boning him.
I got transferred to the hospital on a helicopter and I was in a coma for almost a month. I woke up finding out that I couldn't walk anymore and also found out that my girlfriend left me for another. 
Anyways, my attorney works from downtown at the Bank Of America building. He is fighting for me and he is doing such an awesome job. My attorney's name is Jack Gordon and yeah I’m pretty lucky to have him. Guys that’s my brief story and I’m sorry I didn’t make much sense, this happens due to both of my brain injuries. Doesnt matter though, I keep on fighting.

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