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The "Smile-o-Meter"

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Daniel & Ken Trush

A new show

Hi, everyone! We are Daniel and Ken Trush, co-founders of Daniel’s Music Foundation. We are an unlikely duo, who represent two stereotypes: Disability (Daniel) and Aging (his father, Ken).

We wanted to bring a little sunshine into the world and created a monthly online video series called “Smile-o-meter Friday” where we talk about thoughtful and engaging topics related to music and disabilities. We also share some of our own personal experiences in a light-hearted manner and highlight diverse musicians and individuals from around the world.

In every episode, we include the following segments:
(1) Did you know? - Interesting, historical, and fun facts about disabilities and music;
(2) Adventures with Daniel & Ken - A spotlight on diverse musicians and individuals from around the world; and
(3) Food for Thought - A thought-provoking quote or sentiment to consider for the week.

The goal of the “Smile-o-meter Friday” show is to create the opportunity for people to understand differences—by showcasing the talents of individuals of all abilities and backgrounds—and of course, smile!

For more information about our programs or to participate, visit us at DMF Virtual Community (https://www.danielsmusic.org/virtualcommunity) – an online platform where individuals with disabilities can explore, learn, and celebrate the joy of music together. New content is posted every week, so be sure to stop by regularly.

About Daniel and Ken Trush:
Daniel, the inspiration for Daniel’s Music Foundation (DMF), is a talented songwriter and performer who is responsible for naming the foundation’s key performance indicator, the “smile-o-meter,” which focuses on the changes in attitude and positive outlook reported by the musicians who participate in DMF programs – it’s a measure taken very seriously here. Most importantly, Daniel is the life force that drives DMF and he serves as the ambassador for their mission. He is a living example of acceptance, kindness, and joy.
Ken is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the foundation and works closely with the DMF Management team and staff, in the strategic development of the music programs and in the marketing, development, and operational areas of DMF. He is also the creative visionary behind The Danny Awards (an annual celebration of musical talent from around the world) and the driving force behind the DMF Virtual Community.

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