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Ben Lovell

AmpCamp Tenerife

My name is Ben Lovell, @Just_the_one_leg on Instagram. I lost my leg in November 2017 and after I a bad 12 months of coming to terms with it I realized there wasn't much help. During the lockdown, I started AmpCampTenerife. AmpCamp is bringing a health, fitness and well-being retreat to the island of Tenerife. A 5 star 10 bedroom villa with a private pool, we have our first camp in January which sold out within weeks, we had bookings from all over the world and have since added 3 more dates for next year. Each week there’s a different guest that attends to help motivate the amputees. While there, they will participate in different activities run by our fabulous instructors. We have hiking, yoga, reiki, boxercise, beach workouts, massage, spa day to name just a few, there’s also a chef in the villa throughout the week cooking some amazing food. There’s also a nurse and a nutritionist.

AmpCamp fitness uk

After the success of the AmpCamp Tenerife, I wanted to bring something to the UK. AmpCamp fitness UK was started, my first one was at Halifax boxing club and we had amputees attending from around the country. They come for an hour and spend 30 min on the boxing bags, then do a 30-minute circuit. The aim of this was to try and push the ones needing it and giving the more active amputee something to do instead of coffee mornings. We have our biggest one coming up on the 14th of November.

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