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Mary Licata

Home Sharing for People with Disabilities, by People with Disabilities

Dwellability started as an idea between two friends with disabilities over a cup of coffee. Why did it have to be so hard to find a safe, appropriate place to live or visit? We dreamed about creating a way to connect people across the full spectrum of disability because as a community, we know we are a powerful force, but society simply isn't meeting our housing needs. So we started working on Dwellability to connect people who need a home with those who have space to share. Pretty simple, right? We hope you will join our community and let us know what we can do to make the site do its absolute best for you!

Who We Are

Dwellability is a passion project for Elizabeth Kenney and Jeff Hinz (partners in business and marriage). Kenney has an invisible disability that affects her ability to travel and stay in hotels. Kenney is the creative soul behind Dwellability, given her textile design career and a recent graduate degree in social work from NYU. Hinz is an operations expert with 30 years of experience in advertising and startups.

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