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Enjoy your life!

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Romy Prince

My Story

Hello! My name is Roman Hill (@romans.view), I’m 31 years old and I come from Germany. There are many people in the world with different disabilities and I’m one of them. I have never been able to walk and at the age of about 7 months, I was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy. It’s a disease in which the muscles become weaker and weaker over time, which means that you can do fewer things on your own. Therefore, I realized very early that my life wouldn’t be quite "normal". When I was a child, my disability hadn’t influenced me too much, but as we all know, everyone gains a lot of new experiences in adolescence and I had to take some setbacks because of my disability. Fortunately, I coped with this time relatively well and learned to deal with my disability.

My goals

I have accepted that I have to live with the disease, but it’s my decision on how I spend my life! Again and again, I have set myself different goals. Some of them I have already achieved and some are still ahead of me. Not everything in my life is always perfect, but I’m an optimist and I don’t give up. For example, I have been playing powerchair hockey in the 1st German league for many years, I have won several prizes and I even joined the German national team. My second great passion is traveling and recently I started sharing my experiences on Instagram. Through my texts and photos, I want to show that you can enjoy your life despite several difficulties and I try to encourage people with and without disabilities to travel. I also describe the accessibility, which unfortunately is still not guaranteed everywhere. However, I believe that if people with disabilities are more represented in the public and social media, these problems will also receive more attention. In the end, we just want to do what we love, just like everyone else. We don't need pity from society, we just need acceptance and some consideration for our needs such as accessibility.

I hope to be able to travel a lot more in the coming years. If you want to hear more from me in the future, just visit my Instagram profile (my own blog will also be online soon). Best wishes Roman

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