yoocan - Erin Ball - Movement and community saved me
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Movement and community saved me

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Erin Ball

Eventually I decided to live and I got back into training

Hi, I am Erin. My accident happened in March 2014. I was in the woods by myself in Canada in the winter and my feet got wet and went numb. I was not able to walk out of the woods and I could not crawl my way out either. I ended up unconscious and a police dog found me six days later. My body temperature was 19 degrees Celsius (body temperature, not the temperature outside). I was flown to the hospital and my chest was opened up and warm fluids were put in. Somehow I survived though my feet did not. I spent months in denial before I agreed to have them removed and then I spent many more months in bed depressed. Eventually I decided to live and I got back into training. Movement and community saved me. Today circus, community, finding humor and creativity are all essential and large parts of my life. There are definitely challenges but I choose to be happy and keep moving forward. My blog: socksandsockets.wordpress.com and website: kingstoncircusarts.com


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