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Accessibility and equality

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Jasmine Rankin

Disabled toilets are NOT a storage cupboard.

Imagine going to a restaurant or a bar and being told "I'm so sorry there is no toilet you can use", with no real explanation.

Imagine going to a shopping center to find a perfectly accessible disabled toilet, to then see a 'CLOSED' sign on the door - also known as a storage cupboard!

Imagine a life full of "Sorry you can come into this club but our toilet is broken, however, you're SOOOOOOO inspirational".

Honestly, I am prepared to fight for us! These SMALL things that abled body people take for granted - I am READY to fight for us!

The next time someone says to you, any of the sentences above, please think about the above, and let's fight together! 

We deserve to use a bathroom just like anyone else does! We deserve to have access just like anyone else does!

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